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I don't like Copycats


Hai Assalamualaikum :D Whatssup? Dah makan? Dah minum? Lol. Okay, today's topic iz about " Copycat? " Yeah copycat? What is copycat? Boys dont get it right? Ahaha. Copycat is a copypaste, in Malay we call it " PENIRU " No life. Okay, i dont mean this to everyone. Okay? So just read and think it.

Okay, dear copycats out there, you guys are so a life crusher. Cant you guys think about their feelings? What will they feel is, wth. Heart broken and hate it so much. They will automatically tweet, gossip, update a post about you. Scary right? So think twice about it. You want to live or die? Hahaha

And you dont want people tu bash you right? Everyone hate it. If you love it, ohmygod you are so dumb and maybe you are an alien. MAYBE.. Lol. ahaha yeah cause its weird. everyone hate ittttt! they hate bullies and so all! So becareful. And sometimes, when you dont even copy someones stuff or wtvr but they think you copy them. But its no true. They misunderstanding! 

And then, they start tu bash you. Wow that is soooooo NOT cool. Lol. Yeah right. not cool lah bro main tuduh tuduh orang je pahal en. Lol. But you better think it first, eh ayat ni macam pernah aku dengar, baik aku ubah sikit ke pe ke. Lol. 

And to those who " muka tak malu " yang memang suka orang panggil dia " copycat " memang suka sangat tiru benda orang. Haih.. Species apa idk. So please lah jangan tiru tiru semua benda! We hate it! I hate it! Hahaha. Tak takut kena bash kepe? power sangat ke. iknow lah korang takut hanya pada Allah s.w.t but yeah dunia fikir lah juga. hehe

So thats all lah for today! Byebye! <3 Assalamualaikum :D xoxo

Annyeong! My name is Nadia,EXO Kai wifeu =)


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